While putting the finishing touches on the film script, I’ve noticed the convergence of so many different things coming together – all somehow within the context of this film.

One of the challenges I faced during my illness was being housebound and bedridden. And one can learn many things during a prolonged illness — like who your friends are — my best friend was a cute little guy named Harrison. I remember being so sick, so bed-ridden, having no one, but Harrison. He was always there.

A few years ago, Harrison developed a chronic sinus infection. The vet beat the infection back a few times with doxycycline and he was much better for a month. But the infection came roaring back each time…instead of my kitty.

So life is a full of cruel ironies, right? In my research for this film, I’ve interviewed many different types of biofilm experts across North America. Unfortunately, it was just recently that I learned about the InnovoSCEPT veterinary biofilm susceptibility tests from Innovotech. If I had learned about this earlier, we would have had a much better chance properly diagnosing, characterizing and treating Harrison’s sinus infection with the proper antibiotic.

Harrison is now in advanced kidney failure and not eating much. I am thankful for my friend Carlene (who I interviewed, see interview and video) who supported me, Gennyn, and my vet Kathleen who has done everything possible to help Harrison be as comfortable as he can be as he makes his way to the rainbow bridge.

Thank you, Harrison, for being my best friend during the most difficult days — most difficult years — of my life. I hope to cross the rainbow bridge with you some day.