• Dental hygienists are swimming in biofilm all day long. And not just on the teeth. The waterlines in dental offices are dirtier than the Chicago river. Biofilm can and does come from sterile water. ASK what your dental office is doing about the water in the water lines. Ask how old the hoses are, you’ll be shocked that no one in the office has any…[Read more]

  • … only because the answers are coming to light. How to see is the biggest question in medicine today.

    Shirley Gutkowski

  • Here’s the thing, until we can decide on a way to diagnose periodontal disease all these studies will give questionable results. How was PD determined? Bone loss? That can come from a number of problems, only one of which is perio related.

    Pathogens? they must live in a caustic biofilm in order to be damaging.

    Xrays? You’re kidding,…[Read more]

  • This is crazy! I’m sure this isn’t the only time or the only case like this in the USA. If he stayed in PR I’m sure he’d be dead by now, or would he have recovered on his own. What if he tried a biofilm penetrating product, for instance:

    Xylitol – gargle/nasal spray
    Cranberry juice
    Prunes (I can’t believe it either)
    Licorice root…
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    I know there’s not a lot of activity around here yet, but I hoped that you’d have an answer. 🙂

    Shirley Gutkowski

    Froggie, thx for finding our site and asking about the interviews. I’d like to know about your research interests some time….

    In the meantime, I haven’t figured out the exact pricing for the interviews. The NIH interviews…

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    The magic of xylitol is absolutely astounding. Its effect against cariogenic biofilm, periodontal biofilm, even staph biofilm in and out of the body is really something.

    A recent PubMed search revealed a number of 2010 studies looking at xylitol’s effect against biofilm, alone and when mixed with traditional products.

    Biofilm infection in…[Read more]