Top Lyme Disease Research Articles – 2013

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      Thank you to Nancy for sending me this roundup of research on Lyme disease from 2013. See attached document, made possible by the hard-working folks at


      Top Ten Lyme Disease-related Scientific Publications of 2013:

      Selected by the Lyme Disease Research Foundation LymeMD :: Lyme Disease Research Foundation

      Some 2013 highlights:

      -CDC revises of number of new Lyme cases to 300,000 a year
      -CDC reports unrecognized deaths due to cardiac Lyme disease in organ donors
      -Global warming leads to northward expansion of mice and Lyme disease

      -Chronic persistent symptoms after standard antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease are defined and proven in the SLICE Study
      -Abnormal immune markers are being discovered to aid in the identification of those at risk for complications of neurologic and chronic Lyme disease

      -Newly described infection with mimics other infections
      -Powassan virus transmitted by deer ticks and causes cases of encephalitis
      LDRF-TOP 10 Lyme Publications 2013.pdf

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