Antibiotics and Innovators

Shirley Wang’s review of antibiotics in development is excellent and even promising. While some of the innovations highlighted are interesting, it’s unclear if any of the new classes mentioned will work against “persister” cells. Most antibiotics do not penetrate bacterial biofilms – the natural state of microbes.

There are classes of antibiotics in development that do not create resistance problems. Some can penetrate biofilms and even kill pathogenic microbes in their dormant states. Bisphosphocins were discovered years ago and have very low toxicity features. And early trials indicated their effectiveness in eradicating chronic bacterial infections in human trials.

Using Natural Antibiotics

As well, nature has already provided plant-based compounds that are remarkably effective in killing polymicrobial infections, as in the sinuses. At Binghamton University, an over-the-counter product was recently evaluated for its antimicrobial action against S. aureus and C. albicans biofilm. The liquid compound proved effective in significantly reducing two types of bacterial states: the vulnerable planktonic variety as well as persistent biofilms which are usually resistant to antibiotics.

These innovations need exponentially increased government, public and private support, given the sizable population of patients suffering with chronic bacterial infections. Work on alternative treatments for bacterial infections has been hampered by a lack of investment which continues to support the development of derivatives of existing antibiotics which are proving to have a shorter life span and increased safety issues.

Case Studies of Biofilm Infections

I recently spoke to a patient who had a severely infected tooth and sinus abscess. It turned into systemic infection. Another woman I spoke with suffered a year with an infected hip prosthesis. Doctors had no solutions for either one of them. As they are suffering, they are losing their will to live.

Millions of patients desperately need better infection diagnostics and antimicrobial treatments. If just one percent of the resources spent on the ACA website were allocated to solving this problem, we would be near the finish line. And the underclass of forgotten patients would be over heartbreak hill and on the road to recovery.

Richard Longland
Founder, The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation
Woburn, Mass.

Antibiotics of the Future
Scientists hunt for new antibiotics amid a rise in resistant germs


  • Marianne Rodgers

    “Let me tell you the ways … ” that I am so extremely disappointed in the USA conventional medical community. I have been suffering from Lyme disease for over 15 years that I have known I had it. Oh yes, I know it can be treated, usually successfully because I had successful treatment, until my doctor became afraid of being sued. I had four or five years of wonderful relief.

    I cannot believe the cruelty of our medical system. Remember the inhumane and it lasted into the 1970s. I suffer, suffer; I watch others suffer, suffer, suffer. My family is tired of sick me, and I do not blame them I am tired of sick me, but I cannot get away from it. Lost my job, can’t live life, and so on. I have an oral infection that multitudes of doctors and dentists ignore and just keep sending me away, or intimate that I am making it up. My teeth are OK, it is a jaw bone infection with a prolific clear discharge (biofilm) that is painful and anoying and disgusting. It is getting a little bit harder for them to ignore because I am losing bone, but they still just send me away. They deny the biofilm exists because they cannot see it, no tests, they just cannot see it. I had Randy Wolcott test it and there are a litany of bugs shown by PCR testing, but still I am denied treatment or even and admission of the infection.

    I keep researching. biofilms, phages, herbs, prolozone, IV vit C, IV ozone, hyperbaric oxygen, rife machines, and so on. A big problem is most of these treatments are just to expensive, as are LLMDs once Lyme has sent you to the poor house. I spent my well over $2K to 3k, then lost my job when my LLMD became afraid of getting sued. Lyme and the USA medical system won. Just keep hoping something will work that will be affordable. Lots of money will buy you health if you have Lyme, lots of money. For example, Martha Stewars, Yolonda Foster, Perry Fields, George Bush, and others can buy their health if they are not stupid like Michael J. Fox, who has Lyme disease but tries stupid treatments that have kept him sick.

    You might be interested in my latest find, choline-geranate. I will hunt it down until I find it is unattainable, doesn’t work, or hopefully, is the magic find.

    I apologize for my my hopefully intended sarcasm. I am just literally sick and tired, and have lost most hope. I have already wanted to die because life with 24/7 suffering is so difficult. But so far, I just keep trying though my enthusiasm and will to fight is diminishing. I am a Christian so have hope for eternity with Christ, but not so much hope for now.