Biofilm Research

Biofilm Research

Biofilm research is woefully underfunded. But biofilms play a key role in many diseases. We know that bacterial biofilms have existed on this planet for eons, and they have always been part of nature. For us the “nature” of disease is changing. We are finally learning how bacterial communities are working together to survive, and thrive inside us for long periods of time.

Since 2004, our nascent non-profit has helped spinal patients by including them in a global community, providing support in their problem-solving, and accelerating their path to wellness. We aspire to help patients research and consider the best solution for their spine dysfunction, whether device-based, biological, or naturopathic. So our success is measured by patients’ ability to return to work, recreation, and their freedom of movement. Our day-to-day operations are rooted in our commitment to consumer education, one-on-one patient care and grass-roots advocacy.


Biofilm Community

In an effort to help others grasp the scope of bacterial biofilms, we created an online community focused specifically on bacterial biofilms.

biofilm researchJoin the discussion about how biofilms cause chronic diseases that affect millions of Americans.  If you have an inquiring mind, you will find an interesting mix of articles, commentary and video interviews with leading experts. This is cutting-edge intelligence to help you get the 8th grade biology lesson you never had. So you should register, and join the discussion about any aspect of biofilms!

We launched our international discussion board in 2004 to help spine patients sort through the many complex issues involving spinal arthroplasty. We also continue to be the largest, oldest and most specific online community focused on spine motion preservation. ADR Support has visits from individuals representing every country in the world with Internet access. Evolving dialogue is moving us towards understanding the root causes of spinal diseases. Registration is free and patients find the community is well-informed, helpful and caring.


Biofilm Education

Finally, free and helpful intelligence for students, patients and doctors just like you.

Biofilm Education Channel
Along with international translations (English, Spanish, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese) of Why Am I Still Sick The Silent Role of Biofilms in Chronic Disease, we continue to publish high quality, unique, current video interviews to our youtube channel.

In conclusion, we will continue to update this page with new resources as they become available.