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Biofilms Documentary DVD

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This ground-breaking biofilms documentary explores a new disease model on a scientific and human level. This film leverages interviews from top clinical experts with patients affected by bacterial biofilms to reach as wide an audience as possible. By breaking down complex topics of biofilm infections to a human level, showing staggering statistics, and using high quality animations, the message becomes accessible, compelling and obvious: biofilm infections are a vastly gargantuan problem that has been overlooked by American society, and we as a nation are paying a terrible price.

Some images depicted here may not appear in the final release of “Why Am I Still Sick?”.

“Why Am I Still Sick?” Trailer

The most unusual, informative biofilms documentary ever made. Exposes the root cause of diseases that affect (infect) one-third of Western Civilization.

Biofilms Documentary

Bacterial BiofilmsWhile this documentary produced by The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation paints a grim picture of the diagnostics infrastructure within the American medical system, it also presents available solutions for patients through current breakthroughs in molecular diagnostics and treatments. These biofilm innovations prevent chronic suffering, save lives, limbs, and many millions of Medicare dollars.

Why do bugs set up shop inside our human bodies and stay there, quietly? Because that’s what microbes have learned to do over 3.4 billion years. That’s 3,400,000,000 years. They have learned how to create slimy communities and in addition slow down their metabolism and suspend their lives indefinitely – just like in science fiction movies.

“Father of Biofilms” Dedication

Father of BiofilmsThis film is dedicated to the late Dr. “Bill” Costerton, known as the “father of biofilms,” who rediscovered biofilms in the late 1970s and established the study of biofilm communities as a life science. His pioneering research spawned hundreds of patents and new product innovations in biomedical, waste treatment, energy and yet undiscovered applications. As a microbiologist, avid hiker and naturalist, he defined the archetype of bacterial communities in their normative “sessile” states, cooperating with other species, including yeasts and fungi. In the 1990s, Dr. Costerton’s work clearly illustrated the causal role of chronic biofilm infections in human diseases.

Physician Interviews

Bacterial BiofilmsInterviews with doctors, researchers and patients suffering from such conditions, and striking graphics identify the multifaceted roles of biofilms in causing persistent disease and offer startling revelations:

– How bacterial biofilms form sequestered communities within all parts of the human body;
– The way in which biofilms help microbes “talk” among themselves and with other species, and as a result exchange genetic programs specific to antibiotic resistance;
– Furthermore, the startling numbers of patients ping-ponged within a medical system of outdated diagnostics;
– Finally, critical linkages between oral hygiene and systemic health.

Why Am I Still Sick? the Biofilms Documentary is also available to Rent.

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1 review for Biofilms Documentary DVD

  1. jmurphree

    This movie completely changed my life. My disease was mysterious and evading. I couldn’t understand how it could keep coming back after round after round of antibiotics. This movie shed light on a subject that has been plaguing me for years – chronic bacterial infection.

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