Support Biofilm Research

Donations from individuals and corporations to support the film’s production, distribution and advocacy programs are 100% tax-deductible. Your donation will help people manage their chronic bacterial diseases to help them get better.  We’ve already distilled and published a chunk of our learnings and research, revealed though video interviews with biofilm experts.

Based on our analysis supporting the documentary, our foundation has created programs to help companies obtain cutting-edge intelligence on current medical diagnostics and treatments. Maybe this could help you: have you noticed if your friends, family or colleagues are “falling through the cracks” and not getting the right diagnoses or treatments for their conditions? There are myriad reasons to explain worsening health, but we may be able to help with some of these challenges.

Morale and productivity are affected when employees are “sick on the job.” If you have friends or co-workers that suffer from chronic conditions, this documentary and supporting research may be of value to people with:

– Common chronic bacterial infections like sinusitis, periodontal disease, middle ear infections, tonsillitis, COPD and hospital infections;
– Spinal conditions like degenerative disc disease and other back pain;
– Arthritis, fibromyalgia and headaches;
– Undiagnosed, sub-clinical conditions.

We offer different levels of sponsorship engagements affording commensurate privileges. Each offers a combination of benefits:

– Customized videos for educating patients on “beating” chronic bacterial diseases; e.g. finding a doctor, improving nutrition, adopting “modern” oral hygiene techniques and anti-biofilm remedies;
– Placement of your corporate logo and acknowledgements on five global web sites;
– Acknowledgement in film credits; DVD and video-on-demand services will be distributed globally in English and Chinese;
– Acknowledgement in press releases and media engagements.

Sponsorships and How They Work

Sponsorships are defined within these engagement levels:

$50,000 –   Silver Screen Hero
$25,000 –   Executive Producer
$10,000 –   Producer
$5,000   –    Director
$1,000   –    Screen Writer

We welcome any size donations. To make a secure tax-deductible donation right now to the Arthroplasty Patient Foundation, click the donate now button below and proceed to our secure checkout. You don’t have to be a PayPal account member and most major credit cards are accepted. We’ve managed to scrape our pennies together to fund the production, but we have a long way to go. Any donations are badly needed and appreciated. 100% of all donations support this film project!