Lyme disease diagnosis is still a huge societal problem. Why so? Let’s delve into its sordid history.

Since the 1980s, Lyme disease has become nearly epidemic in every state. In 2016, millions have contracted Lyme disease. It is a costly, silent genocide. Sadly, the Infectious Disease Society of America is still defiant on policies relating to diagnosing and treating chronic bacterial infections. Even today, they fail to admit the existence of chronic Lyme disease.

Government Interference

How can such injustices happen in such a “modern” society? Some attribute this grave problem to greed, while others cite others corruption. However, one thing is certain: the IDSA and CDC policies are injurious to past, present and future Lyme patients.

Sadly, the tragic shortcomings in diagnostic testing can be traced back to a “sponsored” conference in Dearborn, Michigan in 1994. The testing standard for Lyme Disease (or case definition) was falsified  at this conference. The technocrats decided that certain outer surface proteins (OspA) in Lyme disease vaccines could be deemed “safe and effective.” And that’s when the technocrats and bureaucrats decided that the actual Lyme tests (Western Blots, specifically) would have to change too. Tests would have to be less specific to actual proteins in Borrelia. From that point forward, specificity and efficacy of Lyme disease testing was muted to the point of uselessness. And the new Lyme disease testing standard created a perfect storm that allowed millions of patients to be falsely tested as “negative.” Incredibly, this is still the case today.

More on Lyme Disease Diagnosis

  1. For more insights into this, see my three part interview with Dr. Alan MacDonald, here’s part 2 that continues with the limitations in testing.
  2. The history of where such a limited and flawed method of Lyme disease diagnosis can be found is in this document attached. Of course, there are more comprehensive versions on the web — but this one is a good start.

Dearborn-2nd Nat. Conf. on Serologic Diagnosis of Lyme Recommendations

Lyme Disease Diagnosis