The Silent Role of Biofilms in Chronic Disease

Biofilms Documentary

We are proud to announce that our biofilms documentary (which contains two videos) is now available to RENT or BUY! All proceeds go to our non-profit organization, The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation

This ground-breaking documentary explores a new disease model on a scientific and human level. This film leverages interviews from top clinical experts with patients affected by bacterial biofilms to reach as wide an audience as possible. By breaking down complex topics of biofilm infections to a human level, showing staggering statistics, and using high quality animations, the message becomes accessible, compelling and obvious: biofilm infections are a vastly gargantuan problem that has been overlooked by American society, and we as a nation are paying a terrible price.

“Why Am I Still Sick” Trailer

View the final trailer for a compelling biofilms documentary that explores root causes of chronic bacterial diseases and their relationship to biofilms.

Cutting Edge Information

Why Am I Still Sick and the companion film Epiphanies in Microbial Infections are on one DVD. These two films are packed with current biomedical intelligence and will be of interest to a diverse audience. The latter one is a candid interview between doctors’ Randy Wolcott and the late “Bill” Costerton, who summarize the developments and discoveries in biofilm science throughout the decades. It’s a great “knowledge transfer” conversation exposing some shocking revelations.

Learn More About Biofilms

This film is intended for medical professionals and researchers. However, patient advocates and change agents will find this body of biofilm intelligence to be uniquely educational. Please note:

– These two films are a combined into one DVD. The feature film is 85 minutes and the companion DVD appr. 72 minutes.

– Both films are HD and closed-captioned. Other sub-titles include: Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

BUY NOW – Subtitles available in French, Spanish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese