Biofilm Innovations

I am honored to have collaborated with such innovative, brilliant doctors to bring this first-ever biofilm innovations event to the public on the subject of biofilm infections and chronic disease.

We filmed this biofilm education event in HD, had it professionally edited and made it available on Blu Ray and standard definition. You can play it on computer or home entertainment systems. A reminder that this was an unusually information-intensive event; it included presentations from our panel members but also included audience questions and short films. This is an excellent overview of biofilms and their pathogenic role in chronic diseases!

Conference Media

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Event Highlights

Garth D. Ehrlich, Ph.D., Center for Genomic SciencesThe Arthroplasty Patient Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to discovering the causes of chronic inflammatory diseases that lead to joint degeneration, organized Biofilm Innovations 2013, a spotlight on chronic disease and its roots in bacterial biofilms. The conference on January 30th was hosted at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Thomas Webster, Chair & Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering hosted the event.

The event focused on three well-known specialties affected by chronic infections, including dental, wound and orthopedic disciplines. Together, the expert panel offered an integrated understanding of diagnosing and treating biofilm infections across the scope of the entire body.

Extensive research over 25 years points to bacterial biofilms, the predominant microbiological life form, as the origin of many chronic diseases like chronic wounds, sinusitis, periodontal disease and cystic fibrosis. Biofilms cause chronic disease by encasing bacteria in the body, which exploit the immune system and become resistant to traditional therapies. These chronic bacterial infections cost the U.S. more than $100 billion annually.

“Physicians across 131 specialties grapple with enormous medical problems associated with biofilms, but these same problems cost suffering and death for millions of Americans,” explains The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation’s CEO and founder Richard Longland.

Biofilm Innovations Panel experts include Garth D. Ehrlich, Ph.D, Dr. Dan Sindelar and Randy Wolcott, MD. Garth D. Ehrlich, Ph.D, is the Executive Director of the Center for Genomic Sciences. Dr. Dan Sindelar is President of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. Randy Wolcott, MD, heads the Southwest Regional Woundcare Center in Lubbock, Texas.

Supporting Organizations

About The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation

Founded in 2006 to provide support to patients suffering from joint diseases, the foundation focus and goals include discovering the root causes of chronic bacterial infections. Richard founded The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation and ADRSupport, a global community to support spine patients with advanced degenerative diseases. Richard has produced a film documenting his research entitled, “Why Am I Still Sick?” These efforts will eventually help produce many new and exciting Biofilm Innovations.