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    OK–so my comments from a funding and marketing point of view are the following:

    1) You need to very carefully determine/decide WHO THE PUBLIC(S) IS/ARE for this film. That is, who are you trying to reach??

    2) It is very, very important that you don’t have words or terms or symbols in the movie that could be misunderstood or not understood. This means that you’ll need to DEFINE CLEARLY every word or term that is going to be used. People go blank (and also have other, more negative reactions) when they go by a word or symbol they don’t understand. Pictures and diagrams and animated bits help a LOT with this–could be interspersed with head shots during interviews, etc. This would also make the film more interesting to watch, visually.

    3) The title needs to CLEARLY STATE THE MESSAGE OF THE FILM, or reach the target audience with a mystery that will get them to want to see it.. “Seventeen Million” is confusing, not illuminating or mysterious. “Are you one of the 17 million?” for example, would create a mystery for everyone. “What’s keeping that (or “your”) treatment from working?” would probably be a “hook” for practitioners and patients alike, and would also give an idea about the purpose of the film and why they should watch it.

    Anyway, play around with these ideas, and let me know what comes up, eh?