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    There were 49 composers/sound designers/audio engineers at the Music and Sound for Visual Media expo. There was a demo playing on repeat in one room which allowed me to see a lot of film scoring samples along with the composer and their expo room number, which made it much easier to specifically talk to people whose style seemed like it might fit the film. These are the people who got my attention and seemed interested in the project.

    Richard Ludlow: is a composer, sound designer, violinist, and violist. Some samples of his music in the demo room had a similar tribal, ethereal feel to them that some of the music on the CD you gave me had. He told me he’s very interested in working with ethnic music. His music had a lot of strings and percussion. He seemed interested in the film and said that if he’s not available when you need someone, he’d be happy to recommend other people we might look to. Samples of his work are available on his website.

    Rachel Dziezynski: is a flautist and composer. I was drawn to her from the demo room because she was the only person who included a sample of music that complimented a spoken monologue in her demo pieces. It was a cartoon and the monologue was intended to make kids want to read, so it had a very different feel than what you’ll probably want, but when I talked to her she was very interested. She seemed most excited about the film out of everyone I talked to, asking numerous questions and generally wanting to know more about the film’s premise. She also immediately came up with an idea for how she might score the film using a combination of classical and electronic sounds. She thought that the electronic sounds could be used to emphasize the alien-ness of biofilms both in the body and in the medical world, while classical music could highlight a hope of returning to health and normalcy. She does not have a website with samples, but she gave me a demo CD that I can give you (and if you want it sooner, I could probably email you the files on it).

    Vivian Aguiar Buff: is a composer, arranger, and producer. She likes to work with a full orchestra and most of her experience is classical. She also does electronic music and is beginning to combine the two. She was very interested in the duality of the “doom and gloom” aspects of the movie and the hope that things are beginning to look up with patients advocating for themselves and more people becoming aware of different types of bacterial infections than the standard one bacteria system that we operate on. She played a piece for me that had a similar sort of duality to it–it was music behind a funeral scene from a TV show that gave a sense of pain and sadness but also the beginning of a new chapter. I was impressed by how appropriate the hopeful notes sounded against the funeral background. She has music and video samples on her website.

    Tangelene Bolton: is a composer and sound designer who works with a wide range of musical styles and instruments. She is trained as a classical pianist. She was the last person I talked to before heading out and I was beginning to wear out by that time, so while she impressed me and seemed enthusiastic and highly interested, I don’t think my summary of our conversation will be nearly as helpful as the resume and portfolio on her website.

    Phoebe Danskin: is an audio engineer, sound designer, and composer. She does not do film scoring, but her skills in providing sound effects and music for animations make her worth mentioning. She is a Berklee alum (the rest were students) and might be a good person to talk to if the film scorer has less experience or comfort with the 3D animations in the film.
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    The rest of the people I talked to seemed either uninterested or like they were feigning interest in hopes that they could get some experience or money from working on the film. However, if you want to see samples and information about more people, the Expo Guide that lists everyone presenting is available as a PDF at It lists everyone who was present along with contact information and whatever bio they gave (some are much more informative than others).