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    I am in the final stages of completing my (final) version of my on-camera interview with Dr. Alan MacDonald, a highly-credentialed pathologist and Lyme disease researcher. In his accomplished career as a pathologist, he has documented Borrelia’s role in stillborn deaths; dementia and a list of other horrible conditions.

    He co-discovered Borellia’s ability to create biofilm with Dr. Eva Sapi, which in part leads to chronic Lyme disease. By his careful research, he’s exposed one misconception after another. For example, most doctors are trained to look for a bulls-eye rash as part of the diagnosis. MacDonald has identified and confirmed that many other rash types can present — as well as none at all.

    A picture is worth a thousand words — see some of the photos on my facebook site here.

    Please share this with others, it may save them a lifetime of suffering and premature death!