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    Hey Rich,

    Take a look at this rough outline. Feel free to edit/add/delete. We should use this as a working template going forward adding more detail as we think of it.

    I. Opening

    A. Long Montage of patients talking about their afflictions and how it’s affecting their lives interspersed with their doctors talking about how conventional medicines are not working – B-roll to show their problems
    B. Show frustrations of patients and doctors alike
    C. Walcott explains what is happening – Biofilms and how they are able to treat them with a new form of treatments (be intentionally vague and high-level)

    II. Biofilms
    What is a biofilm?
    1. Explanation
    2. Graphics to explain

    A. Why is it hard to treat?
    B. What kinds of diseases are associated with it and who does it affect?
    1. Prevalence
    C. If it’s so common, why haven’t I heard of this before?

    III. Looking Forward