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    No, this doesn’t help –it ignores the progress that’s been made and the points I made above in the various topics and studies.

    The fact that that $20,000,000 of our tax payer money was spent to arrive at conflicting conclusions does not help me feel any better either. In the meantime, I hope future studies involve the inclusion of these things which are helping patients get better:

    – Water Pik
    – Sonicare and other ultrasonic cleaners
    – natural products like xylitol, essential oils
    – new antibacterial technologies, approved in Canada and used in thousands of patients
    – PCR and even more advanced technologies
    – visual microscopy
    – others that I don’t even know about

    Please tell us a bit more about your research as it relates to bacterial oral biofilms. Is the research you are referencing “correct?” What is it about the oral-systemic connection that you cannot believe? Forget the flawed studies, tell us what you learned about oral biofilms — that’s what this forum is for — helping people move beyond the paradigm of chronic bacterial illness.