Reply To: CASE STUDY: Undiagnosed and Untreated Chronic Bacterial Infection

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    This is crazy! I’m sure this isn’t the only time or the only case like this in the USA. If he stayed in PR I’m sure he’d be dead by now, or would he have recovered on his own. What if he tried a biofilm penetrating product, for instance:

    Xylitol – gargle/nasal spray
    Cranberry juice
    Prunes (I can’t believe it either)
    Licorice root extract

    Any of these topically, at least, could reduce the biofilm in his mouth and throat. Swallowing could improve overall health slightly.

    In Europe they use xylitol in an IV solution, which has been effective in septicemia. So I guess it comes down to money and whether he has an opportunity to fly to Europe for “experimental” treatment.

    He can also find someone who is versed in ozonating blood. Removing small quantities of blood, hyper-oxygenating the blood, and putting it back into the body may work well in this condition. O3 dissipates very quickly and heals along the way. I think there is even a video on YouTube about ozone and Lyme Disease.