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    Hours Update:

    Week of 10/18 to 10/24: 16 hours
    -Researched e-book publication and distribution requirements, wrote up summary
    -Familiarized self with interview questions; practiced interviewing
    -Performed two interviews
    -Did preliminary transcriptions of two interviews

    Week of 10/25 to 10/31: 15 hours
    -Performed two more interviews
    -Did two more preliminary transcriptions
    -Researched topics mentioned in interviews
    -Reviewed interview questions for further comfort and flexibility
    -Looked at film script again and began to plan presentation

    The preliminary transcriptions of all the interviews we’ve done are just about ready to send. They aren’t always in complete sentences or exact quotes; I went back and forth between taking notes and pausing to get the full thought of the interviewee. (And some bits of recording are a bit fuzzy.) I was typing quickly, so I have to look over them for typos or anything I want to fix before I send them off to you, but you’ll have them soon!

    Total hours to date: 109

    This means I have 71 hours left to fulfill the hour requirements for Lesley, which looks very doable–it averages to 14.2 hours per week if I consider both Thanksgiving week and Finals week to be only half-weeks (so, five full weeks left, or four and two halves).

    If you’d like, I’ll look more closely into how that 71 hours will need to break down by comparing syllabi and scheduling so you’ll know which weeks I can do more and which weeks might be difficult for me to get much done.