Reply To: Why I love dental hygienists — they "get" biofilms

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    Shirley, you are SO right.

    My last dentist had an ozone system to clean his water lines — it was broken for over a year. A YEAR! I wonder how many of his patients gargled with less-than-clean water!? Got their teeth rinsed with biofilmy H2O?

    I moved on to a better dentist who stays current on anti-biofilm therapies for his practice. The last cleaning I had was actually much “nicer,” in that:

    – it took less time;
    – my RDH used ozonated water;
    – used xylitol instead of fluoride (that everyone knows is injurious to the thyroid, adrenals, etc.);
    – did not seem uncomfortable at all.

    Who helped me find this great DDS and RDH 15 minutes from my house? An RDH named Shirley! 😉