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    Accordingly, I’ll try to make it easier for all of us to collaborate on the rest of the film project which is guaranteed to be information-intensive. Here are the issues du jour to discuss by phone or on new forum (mentioned herein):

    1. I bcced you on the email and post from Dr. Jones, who found me through the biofilm site. He posted and referenced your article and interactions with him. We spoke last week at length, and I hope to see him in Lubbock or in Boston. He is “working” a sponsorship for the film through his son, who works at the Utah company that licensed and produces Clear, his xylitol-based product.

    2. I continue to research biofilm eradication across a broad range of disciplines, particularly in the naturopathic/nutritional area. I’d like to find a naturopathic doctor that could speak intelligently about gut biofilms, and found one in Chicago (Dr. Anju Usman) that is treating autistic kids with an antibiofilm program and achieving great results; but she is being “persecuted” by the Chicago tribune for her methods. Any way, is it important to talk about the powerful benefits of natural approaches to controlling biofilm? Look at this interesting article from this prolific author! Many spices and herbs like hyssop seem to be helpful. BTW, I’ve discovered myrrh and now use toothpastes with it from Trader Joes.

    3. I’ve found a local college to create a computer-generated animation of the biofilm growth stages. This will be a high-quality, instructive and detailed animation clip that will bring this complex biological process to life. I’ve tenaciously searched for such clips and found nothing; except the graphic which now adorns my web site banner. I need to collaborate with a number of people to create two clips: one to illustrate the biofilm growth in stages, the other to show planktonic showers and how infection spreads throughout the human host. Accordingly:

    a. Given the importance and educational impact, should we “brand” these future clips with a naming convention that credits the discoverers? Was it primarily Bill’s work? If it was, perhaps we could call something that connotates “Costerton’s biofilm lifecycle?”

    b. Are the five stages depicted in this Wiki reference accurate? Are they recognized as sequential stages, as standards? I need to carefully study them and correlate it to your writings, Bill’s, et al. We need to adopt the correct stages, and subsequent layers of details to create the animation and audio narration. I’ll defer to your consultative advice as to how to create the visual and audio language for this critical piece of the film.

    4. I’d like to start developing the marketing strategy for this film – even without funding. I was thinking about doing a press release in advance of the film; it’s a bit unusual but may help us in a number of ways. Related to this press release:

    a. Are there organizations that would like advance notice of the release?
    b. Are there any conferences in 2010-2011-2012 that we could be speaking at? Showing the trailer? Licensing content to for education or their marketing?

    5. As we discussed, we need a great deal of B Roll video. But we also need many still shots to show how many things become infected with biofilms, e.g.:

    a. Wounds, blood, joints, nervous system tissue (nerves, brain), GI tract
    b. Stuff: household (drains, toilets, water bottles), catheters, syringes, intubation eqpt.,
    c. Stuff: food mfg., water pipes, gyms, etc.
    d. Pets: mouths?
    e. Other?