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    This interview with Dr. Carlene Patterson is of particular interest to me for many reasons. I first met Carlene at a medical conference in 2008 and was impressed with her knowledge of infectious, chronic diseases – in both animals and people. She’s practiced veterinary medicine for more than twenty years and has healed all kinds of animals; including sheep, cows, horses, cats, dogs, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs, and turtles. I maybe forgetting a few, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s treated hippopotamuses and llamas!

    And her knowledge is deep. She is able to “connect the dots” across categories of medicine unlike any other medical professional or researcher. For example, in our short interview, we discussed:

    – Persistent bacterial infections in the joints of dogs and people (Borrelia Burgdorferi);
    – Stealth pathogens like Bartonella and Babesia, how these naughty microbes are making vets, people and animals chronically ill;
    – How Borrelia “hides” from the canine immune system by changing forms, sequestering in joint tissue;
    – Transmission of pathogens via dog bites, birthing, transfusions;
    – H1N1 and strep transmission between people and their pets;
    – Why some animals with higher body temperatures may carry pathogens – but not become chronically ill;
    – Prosthetic infections in dogs: does this correlate to human patients with implants?

    This particular interview excerpt does not present any new material on biofilms. For information on the relationship between tick-borne infections (Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia, Mycoplasmas, Microfilaria) and biofilms, see the interview with Dr. Eva Sapi and the actual video microscopy of a Borrelia biofilm community. Also refer to a study of biofilms and antibiotic resistance within cattle, sheep, pigs, chicken, and turkeys; see the abstract and full text document here.

    See the interesting eleven minute high definition video with Dr. Carlene Patterson here.