Reply To: Why I love dental hygienists — they "get" biofilms

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    Dental hygienists are swimming in biofilm all day long. And not just on the teeth. The waterlines in dental offices are dirtier than the Chicago river. Biofilm can and does come from sterile water. ASK what your dental office is doing about the water in the water lines. Ask how old the hoses are, you’ll be shocked that no one in the office has any idea that the hoses have a life span.

    Ozoneated water is safe, find out how long they’ve been using the ozonated water. it should be made every hour and if they just started reschedule for a month out.
    There is also a brand I’m suddenly exposed to called Monarch, it was a Canadian company that is now available in the US. It’s been tested against waterline biofilm and shown to remove it as well as stop it from growing.

    Dang there’s so much to know!!

    Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH
    America’s Dental Hygienist