E. Coli, Shiga Toxins & Biofilm Formation

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        Why Germany’s E. coli outbreak was so deadly

        Posted By On July 26, 2012

        MICHIGAN STATE (US) — Scientists have decoded the secret to the deadly 2011 outbreak in Germany, uncovering a way to potentially tame the killer bacteria. The deadliest outbreak ever, which caused 54 deaths and sickened more than 3,800 people, was traced to a particularly virulent strain that researchers had never seen in an outbreak before. The strain, O104:H4, shares some characteristics as other deadly bacteria, but its combination is novel. Researchers haven’t determined the mechanism it uses to cause disease, although Shannon Manning, a molecular biologist and epidemiologist at Michigan State University , and her team were able to find the strain’s Achilles heel: its biofilm. They report their findings in the journal PLoS ONE.http://news.msu.edu/media/documents/2012/07/f6da7a05-8c53-406b-9309-9b682af19549.pdf
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