New Patents for Biofilm Elimination and Reproductive Health

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        Tissue Regeneration Technologies Awarded New Patents for Biofilm Elimination and Reproductive Health

        WOODSTOCK, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tissue Regeneration Technologies, LLC (TRT), a Woodstock, GA based medical technology company, recently received the rights to two new patents for its SoftWave™ technology portfolio.

        “Our technology eliminates these risks while producing equal or superior positive results.”

        The two patents, a method of preventing and eliminating biofilms (U.S. Patent No. 7,497,834) and a therapeutic stimulation of genital tissue to combat infertility or impotence (U.S. Patent No. 7,601,127), exemplify the growth and expansion of TRT’s SoftWave technology.

        The first patent involves the use of shock waves to penetrate and disrupt bacterial defenses known as biofilm. The method utilizes SoftWave technology to break apart the protective films and allow healthy cells to flush away bacterial fragments. The treatment is useful in reducing the risk of infection, particularly in surgical patients.

        Biofilms represent a huge risk for patients and a challenge for healthcare practitioners. Shock waves are a unique, low cost and consistent technology that minimize risks and allow a patient’s own defenses to attack bacteria following treatment.

        The second patent involves the use of low-energy shock waves on genital or reproductive tissues to stimulate a cellular response useful in combating impotence or infertility. The biologic responses of a SoftWave treated area include increased blood flow and accelerated tissue growth that could be useful in treating reproductive conditions for which there are currently no cures.

        The technology was recently validated in a study at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel. According to published reports, 15 out of 20 volunteers showed marked improvement in their erectile dysfunction.

        John Warlick, Chief Executive Officer of TRT, explained the significance of the development. “A huge potential market for the technology is patients who can not tolerate ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs due to the associated risks,” he said. “Our technology eliminates these risks while producing equal or superior positive results.”

        Both of these patents represent novel uses for SoftWave technology in expanding medical markets.

        TRT was founded in 2005 to develop unfocused SoftWave technology in wound care and orthopedics and has since expanded its operations to the urology, cardiology, dental and neurological fields. Research has proven that unfocused SoftWave therapy has a strong regenerative effect on all avascular (scar) tissues by stimulating strong biologic responses. The biologic responses include production of growth factors, nitric oxide, and critical gene expressions, which result in angiogenesis and improved blood supply with strong antibacterial properties for treated areas. Conditions that benefit from shock wave treatment include acute and chronic wounds, non-healing bones, ischemic heart tissue, prostatitis and burns.

        The company currently sponsors U.S. Food and Drug Administration trials for its “Gold” product line, which is approved in Europe, Asia, Canada and South America. TRT is confident its technologies will dramatically improve patient care and reduce health care costs.

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