PathoGenius™ Introduces Comprehensive, DNA Based, Molecular Diagnostics for Wound Car

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        Lubbock, TX (PRWEB) April 19, 2010 — PathoGenius™ has commercially launched its proprietary molecular diagnostic pathogen detection services for wound care. These exclusive molecular based (DNA) detection methodologies provide a comprehensive diagnostic: 99% coverage of all known bacteria, fungi and yeast.

        PathoGenius™ is currently exhibiting its services at the Symposium for Advanced Wound Healing – Wound Healing Society (SAWC/WHS) annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, which runs through April 19.

        Wound Diagnostic Services

        In contrast to the 99% accuracy of the PathoGenius comprehensive DNA based wound diagnostic, traditional culturing techniques can only grow and therefore detect, less than 5% of microbes known to propagate in wounds. Further, chronic wounds are almost always polymicrobial biofilm infections; therefore, the comprehensive PathoGenius™ pathogen diagnostic empowers a corresponding comprehensive wound care treatment strategy not previously available to clinicians.

        Bioburden is a universal barrier to chronic wound healing regardless of etiology. Therefore, bioburden management is becoming a universal treatment strategy for clinicians who seek to maximize wound trajectories. Further, unlike other barriers such as blood sugar, smoking, nutrition, etc., bioburden is uniquely under the control of the clinician. The PathoGenius™ diagnostic is intended to make such control measures specific and targeted to the individual patient’s wound.

        “These novel diagnostic services combine the accuracy and speed of DNA based detection methodologies with over two years of clinical validation in clinical practice,” explained John P. Kennedy, RPh, PHD. “Culture negative? As clinicians, we always knew better. Now we have the proof to support our clinical intuition and a rock solid basis to objectively manage the microbial contribution to suboptimal healing trajectories. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in wound care.”

        DNA Guided Patient Specific Treatments

        The merits of molecular methods don’t end with quantitative detection. Through collaborating clinicians and research organizations, wound care providers utilizing PathoGenius™ services have access to real time treatment consults provided by licensed clinicians that leverage the latest research in biofilm infection treatment options.

        At the request of the clinician, patient specific treatment options are provided based solely on the unique microbial census of a specific wound (identified by the PathoGenius™diagnostic). These treatment options include multiple systemic and topical options, to be employed at the discretion of the wound care provider.

        The current literature touts that DNA guided patient specific treatments are the future of modern medicine. The PathoGenius™ diagnostic has made such therapy available today for patients suffering from chronic wounds and the clinicians who serve them.

        About PathoGenius™Laboratories

        PathoGenius™ is recognized by wound care providers as a leading diagnostic laboratory with specific expertise in the chronic infections that affect wound care patients. Founded by clinicians, for clinicians, PathoGenius™ is a fully CLIA and CAP certified diagnostic laboratory located in Lubbock, Texas.

        Contact Information:

        Scot Dowd
        PathoGenius™ Laboratories, LLC

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