A quick update and request for help in the form of donations. Since my last post, I’ve presented at two medical conferences and have more pending in Florida in late May. I need a new laptop, so:

– Does anyone have a new model laptop that they can donate? Something reliable and with a fast CPU (I present short videos)?
– Or can anyone make a tax-deductible donation my non-profit? I am sad to admit that I’ve received no donations in the last nine months and have enough for most operational expenses, but not enough for a new laptop and travel.

My presentations on the link between biofilms and chronic health conditions has been well-received, as has the film. So I need to keep going! I sent a copy to Dr. Oz last week, I hope he gets a chance to watch; even he has mentioned the risks of biofilms several times in his programs.

Any help is appreciated. See this link for donations: http://www.arthropatient.org/about/donate/

Lastly, I’ll be presenting in Miami at the Science Museum Planetarium May 27th in the evening. More later.