I offer many thanks to my fellow Bostonian, Frankie Boyer, radio celebrity, for hosting my appearances on her shows on April 4th and 5th. She’s interviewed countless guests on her programs, (celebrities, doctors and opinion leaders) and deals with topics that help people “figure things out” and find guidance. Areas of health are often discussed with an emphasis on new ideas and recent developments.

We discussed a broad range of topics concerning bacterial biofilms and how they contribute to many chronic diseases. The salient points of conversation were:

– Biofilms are the basis of most chronic bacterial infections and they are the reason why many diseases stay chronic. Embedded biofilm infections are also the main reason why antibiotics fail;

– 600,000 people are dying annually from chronic bacterial infections. They kill 30 times the annual number of AIDS patients and the same number as cancer;

– 1.7+ million Americans leave hospitals with infections annually – or 2 out of 10 hospital patients;

– Failed or infective medical devices in patients, while resistance to antibiotics is escalating; both of which are often enabled by bacterial biofilms.

We also talked about my unusual experience with chronic bacterial disease, path to wellness, and of course the documentary in progress. Thanks again, Frankie, for caring about this topic that affects millions and millions of Americans. 🙂

So, here’s part two of the other “airwaves” topic. For several years now, I’ve been hearing about the sophisticated structures that reside in bacteria and especially within biofilm communities. A recent article discusses how bacteria might operate electro-magnetically by using chromosomes – DNA – as antennae. See the report of bacterial radio transmissions on this page.