Though it seems I’ve been “finishing” this film for six months now – as delays drive me batty — I am busily managing small victories presented in the New Year. My main video editor, Moki, is crazy-busy, so we successfully transitioned the final editing process to Graciela. Given that this is a woefully underfunded film, their commitment to this public service project was badly needed! Thank you Moki and Graciela for your dedication to this ambitious documentary…

In late December, another fateful opportunity was decided; the dedication of this film to the “father of biofilms,” Dr. William “Bill” Costerton. This amazing scientist, naturalist, teacher, and friend to many renewed mankind’s interest in biofilms and has taught countless medical professionals and patients around the world about the natural and scientific world of biofilms. With equal importance, he has taught us how biofilms relate to chronic bacterial diseases. A fraction of his works can be found on PubMed, see app. 400 of his scientific abstracts at this link.

I will be interviewing “Bill” and his colleagues soon. It is an amazing opportunity for me as a patient, who recovered from an undiagnosed hospital-acquired infection, and of course as a filmmaker. But it’s a unique opportunity for all of us to see and hear this great man impart his knowledge of biofilm science which spans more than five decades!

I’ve been struggling with the conclusion of this film for some time, which leaves the audience with an open-ended question (sorry, cannot tell). It seems fitting that this challenging inquiry will rest upon the shoulders of a man who devoted his life to researching biofilms and understanding their evolving place in our world.

Ironically, it took me three years to learn the right questions to ask my doctors about biofilm infections, and more years to heal. Now that this film is nearly complete, the few remaining questions will be posed to Doctor Costerton on camera and will conclude this film “journey.”

In closing, I want to thank my wife, Terry. God blessed our marriage in 2001. Thanks to my family and friends for their support. And especially doctor Bill Costerton for the zillion articles explaining the biology of biofilms and their connections to human disease. All of you inspired me and helped me to the finish line!