Earlier this year at the Xlear conference in sunny Cancun, I was lucky enough to meet a diversity of wonderful people from throughout North America. Most were hygienists, dentists or MDs. Others were authors or radio personalities.

All attendees were united in their desire to help patients improve their oral hygiene using new methods (like CAMBRA) and natural products (like Xlear) for clearing dental biofilm infections. There’s a nice follow-up article on the show and my presentation to the audience from dentristyiq here.

Kat James

At the conference, I met and interviewed a number of dental professionals and a few will be in the documentary. I also met Kat James who wears many hats; as an author, radio show host and natural health expert. Kat was kind enough to interview me recently for her show, which will be aired this weekend (May 7th and 8th) on Atlanta AM radio, streamed from her web site or on XM radio. Kat’s interest and intellectual curiosity in bacterial biofilms kept me on my toes during our one hour interview. Let us know what you think after you listen! There are three ways to listen to the one hour show:

1.  Listen live Saturdays and Sundays between 1-2pm EST, by visiting  www.thekatjamesshow.com. Just visit the site which will audio stream the one hour show.

2. If you’re in Atlanta, dial in NewsTalk 1160 AM at 1:00 PM.

3.  If you’re a satellite radio subscriber, tune to XM Family Talk 170 or SIRIUS Family Talk 161 at Noon Pacific or 3pm Eastern.  Saturdays at noon Pacific on Family Talk XM  (now on channel 131 instead of 170 as of this week), also on SIRIUS 131 instead of 161.

4. Playback the show, see audio recording here.
Thank you Kat, for helping people access this information about the documentary. And thanks for your picture — you look great. You must be doing something right!  ; )