I watched the “approval” DVD last night. It’s a completed DVD with menus, chapters for each film and includes English sub-titles and closed captioning. I watched them both with sub-titles and was delighted not only with the accuracy of transcription, but again recalled why I wanted these visual/hearing aids in the first place: sub-titles really help any viewer absorb more medical information.

Now this may sound obvious, but these films have a LOT of information that some people may find overwhelming. The feature film is not a drama, per se, that you will see anywhere else. It’s a set of films that will impart the viewer with a deeper understanding of chronic microbial infections — and how biofilm plays a key role in diseases that affect tens of millions of people in this country!

The master DVD is with the duplicator and ready for shipment in the next 10 days. We are taking orders for it now and I can send pre-production copies too. A reminder: this is version 1.0 of the film. The next, final version will include Spanish, French and Chinese translations.