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    From Oragenics, using these bacterial strains:

    600 Million CFU Probiora3®

    Streptococcus uberis KJ2™
    Streptococcus oralis KJ3™
    Streptococcus rattus JH145™

    Nutrition Facts | Oragenics

    Oragenics’ Oral Care Products EvoraPlus: A probiotic mint with equal portions of all three strains that is optimally designed for those over the age of 11. Taken twice daily (ideally after brushing) this probiotic mint supports gum and tooth health, naturally freshens breath and gently whitens teeth.

    EvoraPro: A professional-strength version of EvoraPlus used to accelerate the repopulation of the beneficial bacteria that are removed – along with bad bacteria – during a professional prophylaxis. This highly concentrated blend of ProBiora3 probiotics comes in a mint form and is distributed exclusively by the dental professionals.

    EvoraKids: A Wild Very Berry Cherry chew that has higher levels of JH145™, which supports dental health, and reduced levels of KJ3™ and KJ2™, since periodontal health is not typically a concern for children.

    Teddy’s Pride: An odorless and tasteless probiotic powder that has higher levels of KJ3™ and KJ2™, which address the tooth staining and breath problems common to dogs and cats, and reduced levels of JH145™, since tooth decay is not typically a concern in companion pets.

    In addition to these products, we also market ProBiora3 as an active ingredient for private label products and in bulk for licensing applications.