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    Thanks everyone, for allowing me to be your first client. Yesterday was really exciting for me for a long list of reasons – here’s but a few of them:

    1. I couldn’t wait to see the animations, but I am glad I did! Like I said yesterday: WOW?! You all did a great job and should be very proud of your accomplishments! In the coming months, you will see how this project will help many people better understand the threat of biofilm infections.

    2. Giving me the chance to share and present my passion for this project was helpful and cathartic for me. Having one foot in the grave for several years because of the mycoplasma pneumonia infection, healing, then coming back to help others is really a testament of human spirit. Working as a team, we will make a difference with this film. Don’t EVER forget the VALUE and POWER of what you have done to help people!

    I had fun working with you as a group, and I am a bit sad that it has come to an end. I’ll continue to update this topic as I develop the animations further for YouTube, along with any other big announcements.

    I attached a low-res picture of the BioLuminares team herein. I have other pics that are 1.7 to 3 MB and “PhotoShop Worthy” if anyone cares to tweak them. ; )

    Thanks again everyone. Continue to do great things!
    BU Animation Class 010 (Large).jpg