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    This is a rough draft….less detailed than film 1, but that’s OK!

    YouTube – ‪Clip_Two_Rough_Cut.mp4‬‎

    Seconds: 00-5: (focus on foot wound)

    Narration: Diabetic foot wounds often involve bacterial biofilm infections.

    Seconds: 7-10 (zoom in on planktonic bacteria in the foot wound)

    Narration: Upon closer inspection, we see that an entrenched, mature biofilm community is releasing planktonic bacteria into the patient’s bloodstream.

    Seconds 11-20 (bacteria moving through the blood and begins the “chase scene”)

    Narration: The host immune system responds by sends a flurry of immune cells that attack the invaders. The majority of planktonic bacteria are killed by specialized immune cells, but some bacteria evade attack by using sophisticated tactics.

    Seconds 21-25: (bacteria escape immune system or antibiotics and find host tissue):

    Narration: Bacteria that escape find a suitable surface on which to settle and start the entire growth process over again.

    Seconds 26-33 (bacteria land on knee prosthetic and begins the process again):

    Narration: Unfortunately, a bacterial biofilm community has now colonized on a prosthetic knee implant and may present problems to the patient.