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    We’re so psyched you like them!

    Here are a few notes to keep in mind everyone while watching them,

    Film one:
    Is not to scale yet, its just at 640 for right now.
    Please ignore the bump in the camera in the growth stage, that’s a simple adjustment we need to make in our editors.
    The camera pan around the growth is going to be adjusted.
    The split screen at the end will hold a few frames longer and can hold longer than that if you need more time in the script.
    Also the Fragment dispersal is not the final design, but just so we could get the comparison for right now.
    This is not the final production quality, 😮 can’t stress that enough! There’s still some calculating and tweaking, the growth is automated and adjustments take time.

    Question regarding the introduction, we had an idea to start with your logo and the head becomes the crystal ball. This would be good for the stand alone but we’d make it so it could be cut out for the insertion into the movie. Does that sound interesting?

    Film 2
    We wanted to add more of a transition between the shower and the start of the chase scene just to give better context. This will add a extra 5 seconds or so.

    Lastly do you like the icon in the corner the whole time? We can leave it out for film insertion but add them for the stand alone internet versions.

    OK, I think that’s what all I have. Watch, enjoy, and thanks again! And have a wonderful weekend!


    .. see, spell check!