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    Hey BioLuminators!

    I wanted to share some work in progress – it’s a 12 minute video / 3 part clip explaining the film Seventeen Million. Some of your creative genius is in here:

    YouTube – Pre-trailer for “Seventeen Million,” Documentary on Biofilms

    My presentation was put together quickly (my choice). Accordingly, I will be replaced with an actress, Alexi Panos, who will present on my behalf. We’ll dress her up a bit, but she already has done some high profile gigs, like with JetBlue.

    We will edit Alexi’s presentation for brevity and also shrink the PowerPoint bullets into more accessible bytes. If you have any feedback, we would love to hear it – on the YouTube site or by email or phone, whatever suits you.

    Your work is very much appreciated — I’ve not forgotten the value of what you created. And thank you Sean, for your extra efforts in getting this video put together and published!

    Thanks, merci beaucoup…hope all of you are well.