Reply To: CASE STUDY: Undiagnosed and Untreated Chronic Bacterial Infection

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    Tonsils. We do T/A’s frequently. Those little crypts that hold tonsillar liths are generally described as calcium and other minerals deposits in the tonsils that cause halitosis. My daughter had one that we put under a microscope (no stain) with phase contrast. Now there may have been Ca and Mag in the lith, but the most notable things we saw were multiple (1000’s) active microbes of various kinds including spirochetes. These are BIOFILMS, and as Dr. Randy Wolcott has so aptly described, culture swabs and antibiotics are often useless tools to identify or treat them.

    Had a veterinarian friend who has been on varying antibiotics for two months for tonsillitis, all to no avail…the next thing they wanted to do was remove his tonsils…..i.e. cut into the biofilm and spread it systemically. Got him to try salt and baking soda gargles (change the pH), then vinegar gargles (if there was a fungal component), and finally suck on Manuka honey lozenges (tea tree). He has been well since.