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    I made a separate thread to keep track of hours and the other things we discussed with Liv–that is, my “here is what I’ve done this week and how many hours I spent on it and what I’m thinking I’ll do next” and your “okay here is what I want you to do next.” It seemed easier for me to organize things that way; one of the things I like about forums is that you can have multiple coherent conversations going on at once with a separate topic for each. I’ve also subscribed by email to the whole “meeting room” area, so if you make a new thread for something different I’ll get updated with that and know to check. (I’ll probably make another thread for e-book publishing shortly; I’ve found some pretty interesting stuff.)

    I haven’t gotten a recording device yet (I’m hesitant to say “recorder” because I’m reminded of those little flute-like instruments) since I was waiting for your recommendation, but I’ll go get one now and trust the people at Best Buy to recommend one that works.