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    Here are the times that I’m available to do interviews over the next 10 days:

    Saturday 10/22: 1pm-10pm
    Sunday 10/23: 4pm-10pm
    Monday 10/24: 1pm-6pm
    Wednesday 10/26: 1pm-6pm
    Thursday 10/27: 1pm-10pm
    Saturday 10/29: 1pm-10pm
    Sunday 10/30: 1pm-4pm

    These hours are still pretty flexible, so if someone is available on the same day near one of these times, that would work too. I couldn’t really just pick out 5-7 times because my schedule is so open; I hope that’s a good thing. I would actually prefer afternoon times (finishing before 6) to the later ones, since while I’ll be awake and free, I also won’t have the apartment to myself later in the day and it’s too small for me to have a private area that I can go to where the conversation can remain private. Of course, if that’s not a problem for the interviewee, then it isn’t for me either.

    Let me know if this is something you can work with or if you need something more specific.