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    Janaya: (first name Jesus “hay-sez”) Yes how about this W or Th after 6 PM but no later than 7:45ish PM or Fri after 5PM but no later than 6:30PM . Sorry but got two munchins with varying/alternating nap and sleeping times. I am on central time (Chicago). Let me know what works if not I can probably aim for early hours. I will continue my medical leave for my 12 weeks (FMLA) until November 16, 2011, so will be available other dates and times if these dates or times don’t work out. Feel free to shoot me some dates and times with your availability and I will let you know if they work for me. My cell # is 773-842-5270 and if my reception is bad my home number is 708-387-2156 but I don’t have long distance on it. I can buy a calling card though and contact you if you prefer. Let me know what you think and look forward to the interview!

    msrudy: (Robin) I would love to help you in your research on phone number is 864-487-9035. I would like to help because what I have been through may benefit someone else. I would rather you call me around 8pm on Saturday or 8pm on Sunday would be fine as I don’t sleep well because of my pain. So I am looking forward to your interview and hope I can be a part of any beneficial help.

    Jo-Elle: Richard, I’m willing. I’m on medical leave for at least 2 more weeks, so I’m pretty available (EST). PM me for a phone # and some time options. (260-833-0330)
    Joey Sue – 45 years old
    Severe DDD L4-5,L5-S1, mod neural foramen narrowing, osteophytes.
    Mod facet degen at L5-S1, but only mild degen at L4-5.
    Small annular tear and mild DDD L3-4 (unchanged and holding steady for 2 years)
    Mild DDD L2-3
    Hybrid 9/28/2011: STALIF TT interbody fusion at L5-S1 and M6-L ADR L4/5 with Nick Boeree, UK
    Healthy Back 2011