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    6pm Central is 7pm Eastern, right? If the interview is tonight, I’m available around 8 Eastern at the earliest, and 9 Eastern would be slightly easier (so that would be 7 or 8 for him). I do feel like I won’t necessarily be at the top of my game tonight since it’s the end of a long day, but I’m not available Wednesday nights, so if this is the only time we can do before you leave then I’ll be able to manage.

    If these times don’t work or are inconvenient for you or Jeff, I’d be willing to try doing an interview or two on my own once you’ve left, but of course that’s only if both you and the interviewee are entirely comfortable with the idea. I was planning on doing the interviews with the people I know (Hartley and Gary) on my own.

    Let me know what works!

    [Edited to add]: Is there a thread in the ADR Support forum that introduces Jeff and his experience? If there is, I’d like to look over it before performing the interview just to get a sense of who I’ll be talking to.