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    Moki, this is good information indeed. At this point, any feedback is useful for all of us. We are all breaking new ground with this animation and there be many assumptions and judgement calls along the way. I enjoy the challenges that this creation process presents.

    Team CDIBU, I have a few more “fun” challenges for you to consider:

    1. I’d like to name the project that describes all these animations. Let’s brainstorm today; we’ll decide in our call this morning. Should the team be named too!?

    2. I’d like you to come up with the image for a DVD which will contain all these animations. I’d like you all to have these for your own professional portfolio. Also, I’d like to include a video of me presenting our work for this project. I’ll use this DVD for various presentations in the coming months. At some point, I’d like to have a conversation about copyrighting this content too; as there will be a widespread interest in it for myriad reasons.

    Team “x,” talk to you shortly!