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    Thanks for the feedback Richard!
    And thanks for the videos, those will come in handy. We’ll decide on how best to incorporate the icon in the video but one idea tossed out there was like they have the NBC peacock grayed out and visible in the corner throughout.

    Minutes from this morning’s meeting.

    Film one

      [*]We’ll be adding more (10-20) introductory bacteria, and the tails will be moving.
      [*]Final spinal implant to be decided today by Richard, in terms of most surface area in relation to bacteria growth.
      [*]Time/preliminary animation will be worked out by us Thursday this week to help aid narration length.
      [*]The final scene will be side by side comparison of the shower and the fragmenting zooming in close up as they detach.

    Film two

      [*]Sticking with the presented color scheme.
      [*]Planktonic shower will be the “hero” of the second film.
      It will start from a chronic diabetic foot ulcer from which we’ll zoom in to find the bacteria moving through the blood and begins the
      “chase scene”
      [*]Lands on knee prosthetic and begins the process again.

    Film Three to be done if there is time, or after practicum is completed, would involve a detachment fragment and start from a catheter.

    Duration of clips will fall to us, but must be fixed, in terms of adding more animation, by the time final renders start on the 13th.

    We will get preliminary animations for the first two clips for view by the 5th, Richard will get us a preliminary script by Monday the 9th and which disk we should be using for the animation.

    Thanks again!