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        The topics in this forum are specific to the interviewee who has expertise in bacterial biofilms. Each professional brings their own experience, knowledge and perspective on biofilms, which is why they were chosen for the on-camera interview. Each topic has a text excerpt of the interview and most feature a video clip which is 8-11 minutes long. Each offers insights I found useful from an educational standpoint.

        1. Each interview was originally 40-70 minutes in length.

        2. More interviews will be published here in the coming months.

        3. All this footage is part of the work involved in producing a documentary to be completed in 2011.

        4. The full interviews are available on DVD for any-sized donation; see the link here to make a tax-deductible contribution. You’ll receive the DVD in 4-8 business days — but let us know which DVDs you want when you donate!

        5. Make sure you read the whole topic and scroll to the bottom to find the video link. Most have links to the video.

        Though this film project is more than half-way complete, it has been self-funded. We sent grant requests to 210 carefully selected organizations and each and every one said, “sorry,” this film is not relevant to our giving guidelines!

        This unique film chronicles the plight of millions of suffering patients in the United States and is simply illuminating a new and successful paradigm of bacterial disease diagnosis and treatment…

        No worries, we will succeed. There’s too much momentum and too much at stake. In the meantime, any donations to help defray the costs of completing the film are appreciated.

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          I am excited to report that all of these on-camera interviews are completed, except as noted below. In the coming months, we will publish video clips for most of these interviews!

          1. Dr. Carlene Patterson, Veterinarian

          2. Dr. Michael Otto, Pathogen Molecular Genetics Section NIAID

          3. Dr. Eva Sapi – Geneticist, Microbiologist

          4. Dr. Garth Ehrlich – Microbiologist, Geneticist

          5. Dr. Tim Lu – Bacteriologist & EE

          6. Dr. Vince Fischetti – Microbiologist

          7. Dr. Steve Holland, Chief, Lab of Clinical Infectious Diseases NIAID

          8. Dr. Thomas Webster – Biomedical Engineer

          9. Dr. Wilmore Webley, Microbiologist

          10. Dr. Lon Jones, retired D.O

          11. Dr. David Kennedy, retired D.D.S

          12. Dr. L. Clifford McDonald, M.D, Chief, Prevention & Response Branch CDC

          13. Rodney Donlan, Ph.D. Biofilm Microbiologist, CDC

          14. John P. Kennedy, R.Ph., Ph.D.

          15. Randy Wolcott, MD (founder of SW Regional Wound Care Center, biofilm innovator)

          16. Scott Dowd, Ph.D. (microbiologist, immunologist and CEO of PathoGenius)

          17. Nicolas Loebel, Ph.D. (CEO Ondine BioPharma)

          18. Thomas Masterson, (Operations Manager, Ondine BioPharma)

          19. Carolyn Cross, (Chairman, Ondine BioPharma)

          20. Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH (interview pending)

          21. Bill Costerton, Ph.D. (the “founder” of the biofilm science)

          22. John Thomas, MS, Ph.D, HCLD

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