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        This feature is now available, but we won’t be announcing the site officially until May.


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          Randy Wolcott, referred to in Slime City, showed a 20% solution of xylitol eliminated biofilm formation. Unfortunately xylitol is a commonly available food so it is not likely to enter the pharmacy as an antibiotic; at least behind the counter where all the profitable drugs are kept.

          I am the GP who introduced Randy to the miracle of xylitol. I have been using it in a nasal spray in my practice to prevent upper respiratory problems for the past ten years, but because it is not a drug I cannot tell the world about the product that does this, but it is available and in 2004 it was voted BEST NEW NATURAL DRUG by America’s health food stores.

          If you are interested in how and why it does what it does I suggest reading No More Allergies, Asthma or Sinus Infections, recently released by Freedom Press.

          If you want a bigger picture we suggest reading The Boids and The Bees: Guiding Adaptation to Improve our Health, Healthcare, Schools and Society, wherein we argue that we can learn how to guide adaptation from how bacteria adapt and that it provides a far better model for complex adaptive systems, i.e. living organisms and their creations, than the analytical model where adaptation is eliminated and we are consistently sold short.

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            The magic of xylitol is absolutely astounding. Its effect against cariogenic biofilm, periodontal biofilm, even staph biofilm in and out of the body is really something.

            A recent PubMed search revealed a number of 2010 studies looking at xylitol’s effect against biofilm, alone and when mixed with traditional products.

            Biofilm infection in dependent adults, particularly caries, periodontal, and pneumonia films, can be altered easily with candy. The crime is that it’s not being treated at all.:cool:

            Shirley Gutkowski

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              Just a quick note to visitors: I’ll be uploading many more video interview excerpts to the site over the next 3-4 weeks. I may not have enough money to pay the video editor though, so we’ll see how far we can get on an empty tank of gas!

              These interviews are coming soon:

                [*]Nicolas Loebel, PhD and President of Ondine Biomedical
                [*]Randy Wolcott, MD and Director of Southwest Regional Woundcare Center
                [*]John Kennedy, PhD and Clinical Advisor for PathoGenius
                [*]Scot Dowd, PhD and President for PathoGenius
                [*]Lon Jones, Retired DO
                [*]Tom Masterson, Ondine Biomedical
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