GI Tract Biofilms and Autism

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        The ‘Cutting Edge’ Provides Insight into Autism Treatments

        Excerpt from the article:

        “…The chapter on Biofilm Protocol, which Siri wrote in scientific-laden jargon and then translated into a readable summary, is great in describing how the digestive tract and immune system work in tandem, and what he had to do to tame Alex’s gut and keep his body’s defense system from turning on itself.

        To be honest, I didn’t know what biofilm was. From Siri’s chapter, “A biofilm is a collection of microbes growing as a community forming a matrix of extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) separated by a network of open water channels.” The image of trillions of bacteria forming a micronet in the GI reminds me of how baleen whales catch food, filter out tons of water, and scrape the baleen plates clean with their tongues to swallow.

        To treat leaky gut issues in autistic kids with antifungal medicine is to penetrate the EPS matrix –“puncture the biofilm temporarily,” Siri said, to allow the medicine to actually work in the targeted areas.

        Combine the difficult GI problems Alex faced, with trying to bring under control a hypersensitivity to heat, which produced severe headaches and fevers. His son’s autoimmune system was working at warp speed. In time, IV immunoglobulin with a strict diet made the headaches less harsh, his sensitivity to heat reduced, and his personal meltdowns mild. Like Lina, Alex’s road will be an arduous one…”

        Complete article here: Epoch Times – The ‘Cutting Edge’ Provides Insight into Autism Treatments

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