New Standard of Care: Diagnosis & Treatment of Chronic Bacterial Infections (Wounds)

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      As noted elsewhere, new ways of thinking about chronic disease have created new ways of saving people’s limbs and lives; see attached for an article just released.

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        It’s really strange that in 2012, when biofilms have been documented for 328 years, the Infectious Disease Society of America has no mention of them in ENT infections. Even their new “guidelines” fail to mention:
        1) Biofilms, what they are, how to detect them, and how they amplify the ability of bugs to exchange genes and resist antibiotics;

        2) Molecular diagnostics and their superiority to cultures which are ancient, good for no more than 5% of bacteria and were abandoned by all other life sciences decades ago;

        3) No mention of the many herbal, natural and technology methods of eradicating ENT infections (there are many);

        4) How non-bacteria, particularly yeasts, create the chronic (polymicrobial) infections that make sinus infections difficult to eradicate.

        These guidelines ultimately waste time (patients), money (patients, insurance companies); they perpetuate and CAUSE human suffering, relying upon absurdly imprecise imaging and cultures to detect chronic bacterial infections.

        It is sad and inexplicable that an entire society of “experts” has the influence to issue guidelines that affect the quality of life for everyone in this country. It is surreal.

        See file below. Folks, any ideas why this egregious behavior is accepted by most doctors?
        Clin Infect Dis.-2012-Chow-cid_cir1043.pdf

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