Newly Discovered Tick Bug

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      Now that we know ticks are roving septic tanks, and Borellia creates biofilms, it’s no big surprise to me that other micro-critters are identified as causing illness. Is this a new illness, or was it only recently identified?

      New tick-borne disease discovered

      NANTUCKET, Mass. At least one Massachusetts resident has been infected with a new tick-borne disease, the Cape Cod Times reported. Researchers from the Yale School of Public Medicine said evidence of the disease was discovered in 18 patients in New England and New York, including the patient from Nantucket. The disease is so new that it doesn’t have a name.

      It’s the first time an infection in humans from a bacterium known as Borrelia miyamotoi has been confirmed in the U.S., the newspaper reported. The disease is transmitted by the deer tick, which also infects people with Lyme disease, babesiosis and anaplasmosis.

      Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle ache and fatigue and is treated with the same antibiotics used to treat Lyme.

      Researchers are now studying if the new disease holds clues to why some patients with Lyme-like symptoms test negative for Lyme.

      Source: WCVB TV

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