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      Dear Healthcare Advocate,

      Allow me to introduce myself as a non-profit founder, patient, researcher and videographer. Like many, my life is ever-changing and has brought me to my second film project devoted to bacterial biofilm infections and their connection to chronic health conditions.

      Some patients I meet through my non-profit outreach work tell me about their hospital-acquired infections; others had their prosthetic implants removed because of bacterial biofilm infections. But this is only part of the story — nearly 50 different chronic diseases have been linked to chronic bacterial infections — by clinicians, researchers and various medical societies. Some patients have learned these lessons the hard way.

      These infections are often very difficult to diagnose; I should know, since I suffered for years without a diagnosis and was abandoned by more than twenty-two highly trained doctors. Left to die, I had to figure out the diagnosis treatment for a chronic bacterial disease — then claw my way back to health. I’ve conquered these challenges, but I am still uncovering the problems with the “system” and I am shocked. Worse, these structural problems within the medical establishment are not explored within public discourse.

      Our new film is called “Why Am I Still Sick?” and illuminates bacterial biofilm infections and how they cause debilitating illnesses for so many Americans. People with “subclinical” infections suffer for months, years or even decades; others will lose life or limb because of the failure to treat chronic wounds or hospital acquired infections. Annually, more than 550,000 patients will lose their lives because of chronic infections and almost twice that number will acquire sepsis, a dangerous blood infection.

      Chronic bacterial infections reach into every part of the human body and into 100+ specialties in medicine (urinary, reproductive, respiratory, cardiac, dermal, etc.). The quotient of human suffering because of these myriad conditions is incalculable, but we now know that annually these infections are thirty times more lethal than AIDS and as fatal as cancer.

      Paradoxically, the applications of bacterial biofilm eradication methods are slow to propagate into the many silos of western medicine. With patients and doctors in the dark about what is truly causing myriad chronic diseases, millions of people remain undiagnosed and are denied effective treatments for their medical problems.

      This ground-breaking documentary explores a new disease model on a scientific and human level. It leverages interviews with academic and clinical experts and patients affected by chronic bacterial biofilms. By breaking down complex disease topics, showing staggering statistics, and using high quality animations, the message becomes accessible, compelling and obvious: biofilm infections are a enormous problem overlooked by American society. As a result of this indifference, we as a nation are paying a terrible, almost unfathomable price in terms of suffering, deaths and at least $100,000,000,000 in health care costs.

      Featuring new molecular diagnostics and disease treatments, this film will jump-start healthcare changes by revealing insights that will reduce needless suffering, save lives and reduce the costs of health care. In the meantime, we’ve shared our work with you in the Expert Interviews section of this web site.

      We need your help. Americans need your help. We need people and organizations to move this innovative film project to the next stages of success: help us with your support, donations or simply by posting and sharing on this web site (or others!).

      Peace and good health to you always.

      Richard J. Longland

      Founder and Principal
      The Arthroplasty Patient Foundation

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        I am proud to announce the completion of our first official trailer to the film!

        Why Am I Still Sick?

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          Also see the “pre-trailer” to the film:

          YouTube – What Are Bacterial Biofilms? A Six Minute Montage

          This is a six-minute video clip: a four minute montage of clips from early interviews with biofilm researchers, then a 3D animation showing the “life cycle” of bacterial biofilm — including its “two path” dispersal into the bloodstream.

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