Oral Appliances & Biofilm: Getting a Divorce!

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        World’s First Multi-Use Cleaning Brush for Dentures and Night Guards
        PowerDent PulseTM Makes Optimal Oral Care Available to All
        BARRIE, ONTARIO and COLLINGWOOD, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – March 24, 2011)

        Dental professionals and patients have been anticipating the launch of The PowerDent Pulse™ and now, The PowerDent Pulse™ Multi – the first cleaning tools of their kind created specifically for all types of oral appliances including dentures, night guards, mouth guards and retainers. Their patented dual-head technology and longer, stiffer bristles blasts away plaque and stains before a harmful biofilm can form. No manual or commercial power toothbrush can compare.

        “The concept started as a way to combat the problems we were seeing with the amount of plaque and biofilm accumulating on our patients’ dentures and oral appliances,” said Jim Harrison, inventor and denturist in Collingwood for 25 years. “The health effects of this biofilm due to improper cleaning is concerning and could lead to serious mouth infections; fungal infection, painful inflammation and tissue overgrowth to name a few.”

        A 2006 study by the International Journal of Prothodontics revealed that only 11.9% of more than 234 patients had clean dentures. There are over 6 million denture wearers in Canada and even more with night guards, mouth guards and other oral appliances.

        “These appliances ‘live’ in the mouth and are subject to the same stresses, strains and plaque that regular teeth are subjected to,” he said.

        Along with Collingwood dentist Dr. John Miller and Image Dental Laboratory’s Ali Khonsari of Barrie, the three have brought the brush full circle from conception to international distribution in just under two years. Now the product can reach even more homes with an affordable battery operated version for only $14.99.

        “At this price, it allows everyone to benefit by maintaining their best possible oral care in between dental visits,” said Harrison. “We know this brush is going to help a lot of people.”

        The PowerDent Pulse™ is slotted to make its appearance on CBC’s Dragon’s Den on Wednesday, March 30th at 8pm and will reach 2 million viewers. The PowerDent Pulse™ and PowerDent Pulse™ Multi are now available to dental and denture offices as well as direct through the website The first Power Denture Cleaning Brush | Dental Appliance Hygiene – PowerDent Pulse™ by Harrison Hygiene. For a complete video demonstration of the brush visit YouTube – PDPulse's Channel.

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