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        It’s been a while since I checked my analytic reports to see who has visited this site. In July, we welcome visitors from these countries:
        United States, Germany, Great Britain, India, France, Canada, Czech Republic, Poland, China, Australia, Japan, Latvia, Singapore, Romania, Pakistan, Russian Federation, South Korea, Philippines, Mexico, Indonesia, Moldova, Iran, Israel, Thailand, Brazil, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Vietnam, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Peru, Lithuania, South Africa, Venezuela, Argentina, Egypt, Greece, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Samoa Islands, Nigeria, Myanmar, Switzerland, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Austria, Slovak Republic, Tanzania, Qatar, Guatemala, Hungary, Ecuador, Belarus, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Portugal, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Sudan, Lebanon, Croatia, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Palestinian Territories, Jamaica, Malta, Laos, Iraq, Ukraine, Morocco, Fiji, Ghana, Uganda, Costa Rica Estonia Georgia, Bahamas, Luxembourg, Macedonia.
        I removed the locations that were controlled by spambots or nefarious no-gooders. What you see above is that people all over the world are interested in bacterial biofilm infections for lots of different reasons.

        In the meantime, agents from private industry, paid consultants (et al) are scraping (stealing) this content and archiving it. Isn’t that interesting that people and companies are doing this as a service?

        Any way, global visitors: thanks for tuning in to the web site.

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