We are long past Heartbreak Hill and the finish line is clearly in sight. The 4½ year marathon is almost finished as we enable the DVD order entry process, complete the DVD artwork and complete the last touches on both DVDs.

Speaking of long races, this is one of our interviewees from our film, Manny, who battles cystic fibrosis, a genetically-based disease that leads to biofilm infections. He and and his brother Tommy share their experiences with this challenging disease within one chapter of our film.

This week, while making a zillion little edits with my trusty editor Chuck, I started the process to enable close-captioning and sub-titling.

This will result in make both films more:

–            Accessible to people who are hearing impaired;

–            More accessible via wider distribution, since many governmental and educational institutions require these features;

–            Easier to enable foreign language localization with sub-titles in Q3-Q4 2012.

As of July 4th, we are completing our film Why Am I Still Sick? and the companion film, Epiphanies in Microbial Infections:  Decades of Biofilm Research Illuminated. The latter one is a candid interview between doctors’ Randy Wolcott and the late “Bill” Costerton, who summarize the developments and discoveries in biofilm science throughout the decades. It’s a great “knowledge transfer” conversation revealing some shocking revelations. This film is intended for medical professionals and researchers, but patient advocates and change agents will find this body of biofilm intelligence to be uniquely educational.